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Case Studies - How We have Helped Our Clients...

  1. HR Consultancy

    A client in the Care Sector in Yorkshire approached Richard Meynell for assistance with changes that the company were proposing to employees’ terms and conditions of employment. The changes were to affect approaching 100 employees and the client realised what real risks there were in terms of staff turnover and expensive legal claims if the process was not conducted properly. A brief was provided to Richard Meynell in respect of the outcome the company were hoping to achieve.

    Richard Meynell took on board the company’s aims and objectives and worked with senior management over the course of 3 months to ensure the correct level of practical support and assistance was provided.

    The outcome was that all the employees agreed to the contractual changes which in a number of areas were contentious but no one left as a result.

    Richard Meynell has significant experience of helping clients through difficult economic times. He has successfully guided clients through large scale and small scale redundancy exercises.

  2. Employment Tribunal Representation

    Richard Meynell successfully represented a UK- wide PLC business in an Employment Tribunal claim that an ex-employee brought against the company on the grounds of Whistle Blowing. Compensation in this type of dispute can run to many thousands of pounds due to the fact that dismissals found to be in breach of the Public Interest Disclosure Act (Whistle Blowing) have no limit.

    Following two days of hearing at the Liverpool Employment Tribunal, the decision reached by the tribunal was that the company had not breached the law and that the claim of unfair dismissal failed.

    Richard Meynell Associates has experienced numerous other notable successes representing clients in tribunal claims covering unfair dismissal through to discrimination claims of all types.

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